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The Renaissance of African Miracle Oils

For centuries endemic African women have relied on Natural Cold Pressed Seed Oils for skin nutrition, hydration & protection against the harsh African sun.

Seed Essential™ has resurrected these African Miracle Oils, and introduced them as the key ingredients a 100% Natural Skincare Range, guaranteeing all these natural healing and nutritional benefits to your skin regime.

Seed Essential™ only makes use of Natural Plant Ingredients, which include Organic, Wild-harvested & Conventional Seed and Essential oils, thus ensuring a Safe and Healthy alternative to look after your skin.

Combining the finest African Miracles Oils with Natural Actives, every product is scientifically formulated to meet your specific needs, which will help reach your goals quickly and effectively.


 Seed Essential™ is committed to helping you look and feel your absolute best, and the brand is passionate about protecting the environment and the endemic African people, thereby offering a responsible & sustainable choice to your Natural Beauty needs.

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